Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I think, at least, one time in our lives we doubt the decisions and choices we've made, and we are scared of what the future holds. For instance, who we will marry, and once you find that person, having that trust in them, and hoping and praying that everyday that they will continue to love you and grow old with you.

All I can say is that in the moments when we have to make the tough decisions, even little ones that will influence greater ones, we have to do our best. Always, striving to do our best. When we strive to do our best, even when we're at our worst is when we cannot have any regrets about what we did choose.


Pilgrim said...

funny that this post comes right after the 'love in life post', because this is one of my ex's strongest characteristics... i happen to fall under the first category mentioned; bloke with baggage & memories that haphazardly spills out from time to time, like right now after reading the bit about committing and always striving, giving your best in love and life, esp. when being tested b/c this is where it'll count the most. so yeah, this post is really in parallel to me with the one right before it and just thought that was amusing... very hopeful though about the part about discovering a relationship within a relationship, that sounds, well i like that song:)

Salil Dhawan said...

nice post.its al about compatibility and trust.Hope for the best.


Thoughts in Transistion said...

It's taken me awhile to get in the swing of blogging, so it's been months, but yeah the fear after love in life is amusing. When emotions are intense it can cause fear, but it's all apart of a long-term commited relationship, I guess. haha. :).