Friday, February 13, 2009

The Not-So-Perfect Life

I have been a perfectionist all of my life. I think at times it is a good quality to have, because I strive to be the best I can be at everything that I do. But, lately I have been thinking about it, and I'm seeing that it's more than just a good quality, it something that is a facade put up because of something deeper inside of me. It's being afraid of failing, afraid of failing those closest around me, failing and not being able to recuperate from it. Afraid of just not being great at everything.
Realizing all of this, I am working on being ok, at not being great at everything. It's ok to be at fault, and fail, and then learn from it. That's all you can do. When you learn from it you become a better person, instead of hiding from your imperfections of trying to be perfect.