Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a New Day

It has been a looong time since I've updated on here, which means I forgot my password...The last few months have been so busy! Before the holidays I left they city and went to upstate NY to stay with family, Although I missed the city I was excited about getting a car and starting this "suburban" life...I officially am living in Arizona now and it's so beautiful, after a very long car ride to get here, I must say it was great to see the rest of America. Being a native new yorker that was living in the city we can become a bit biased on the rest of the country not being as great as the greatest city in the country (at least in my opinion), but the rest of America is very beautiful, and now my new home is even more so!
I always have been known to beat the odds out there in many areas of my life, people always tell me that it can't happen or I shouldn't do something, but I do, and always have succeeded. But, I guess when people tell you that you cannot do something you either don't do it and always regret what may have happened or you do it and prove everyone wrong, which I love doing just to prove yourself and teach them not to be so negative about achieving your goals in life.

Well, for now I will stop, and soon come back and throw words out into cyberspace...