Monday, November 10, 2008

Home is where the Heart is?

Orignally from upstate NY, I moved to the city after I graduated from college. I had high hopes and dreams moving to the 'big city'

and going for my master degree. Everyday I would wake up and be so excited at the possibility of anything happening today! Living in the city, there are so many people, who are all so different, one after the other. The endless possibilities of anything happening on any given day were limitless. I enjoyed meeting new people, going to my new classes, new professors, new things to learn, being unfamiliar with everything around me. When anyone starts a new part of their life everything is new and fresh and exciting.

I've lived in several different apartments over the years having several different sets of roomates. All with their own individuality, which creates a different feel and environment on its own. The four months I was able to live alone was in a nice little studio apt. But, it came with its own issues. I lived under the train, the heat would come on in the summer, and in the winter I had to leave my AC on because, well, the heat was still on. Then I discovered that there was a little mouse that moved in and I didn't have the heart to try and kill it, so we just learned to live with one another. You're probably thinking that I'm an idiot for not killing it or getting rid of it somehow.

Anyways, back to the many roomates I've had. So the one apartment I loved in was very cozy, the roomates were all very respectful, it was quiet. I like quiet when I'm home. The Second apartment was with a friend, and her friend, so it was interesting. The new girl and I got along great, she is a very passionate person, opera, art, philosophy, very cultured, I loved talking to her, while I drank my coffee. However the bad part of this apt. was that the walls were paper thin, so if it wasn't building noise, it was street noise. I lived here for a year and a half and I think I only slept 4 whole nights. I'm not joking.

Two examples. The one day we had guys in flannel shirts (looking ver normal, construction worker) knocking on our window (first floor apts are never good, except when moving in or out) as they were knocking I looked at the clock. 6:30am. So we went out, to see who they were, what they wanted, etc. They were undercover cops coming to arrest the guy selling heroin out of the apt above us. I thought this was a nice neighborhood?? Second example, I was leaving for miami to go on vacation the next day, when I was awoken at 5am to someone trying to open our door. My roomate was home in Long Island and the other one was fast asleep. As this person tried to push the door and wiggle the doorknob I waited not sure what do, then the person stumbled up stairs, I realized it was a drunk neighbor.

Overall I loved living with these girls, and enjoying the New York life that I had made for myself.

Currently, my life has changed, I left my comfortable job, for very great reasons. Moved to Queens, in a quiet neighborhood, finishing (FINALLY) my masters degree, and living with two girls from Louisana. Who have a different culture and way of living than us "yankees' ...This apt and area are very nice, but for some reason has never felt like home.

This summer I started going home a lot to see my family, I was beginning to think that the 2 years I worked 50 hours a week and went to class most nights was catching up to me. burnout. As this all started unraveling I hit bottom, getting a bad case of senioritis, too tired to care, having an apt that didn't feel like home, realizing that all of the people I cared most about didn't live in NY, and the few that are here, are very busy. All of this makes for a good case of is home where your heart is? My heart is with my family back upstate, and my heart with someone else who I started dating in another state. The distance of a relationship that, I must state, very worth the wait, is also very difficult. So everyday I wish I were with him, or home with my family.

What's the cure for homesickness when you can't leave the place your in? and you're home is well, in someways, in two places.

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