Monday, April 4, 2011

worry wart

All weekend I had been relaxed and didn't seem to have too many cares in the world and then I get to work on Monday morning and the anxious, frazzled part of myself comes back. I dislike it very much when there are several things that are out of your control and your a person who likes to be in control [of everything] and in situations when you cannot control anything it creates a lot of anxiety. When this happens I have to grab a rope and pull myself back into my rational side and take a deep breathe. It's difficult when you are the type of person that likes to plan steps in life when there are immenent changes coming in the next year. This is also an issue of control that I need to resolve, sometimes I am jealous of those people who just "go with the flow" or let life take its course...But,I have always struggled with that. How do you guys deal with uncontrollable situations that cause anxiety?

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